Sunday, August 31, 2014

The November Man

I just watched this movie and it was awesome. I went into this movie not knowing too much about it which is the best way going into a movie. I saw some advertisement on T.V. -Pierce Bronson running around being a bad ass looked good to me. Pierce is still smoking hot ! This man gets better looking with age! Anyway, this movie has lots of action, twists and turns and just keeps you in it the whole time. I highly recommend going to see it!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Halloween 2013

Not such a great photo but here's are my little guy as Death, hubby as the Yeti and me as a Demon.

 Day of the dead costumes for Asylum party.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Show and Tell Part 2

 This is a paper mannequin I bought at Joann's and added everything you see on it.
 This is one of the dressers in my bedroom that I decorated-kinda bohemian
 Here's my Raggedy Ann doll but in blue. Previous post on this here

 This is such a cute pattern for stuff animals-I like's the previous post here
 Here's some shabby chic in my dinning room area.
Some more shabby chic in the dinning room.

Show and Tell Time

It's been awhile since I posted some of my items that I have made. From dolls to home décor here are the photos.

 This is my little baby zombie doll I made out of a 2.00 dollar Goodwill doll. I redid her and painted her blue.
 This is my circus Halloween themed dresser that's in my hallway upstairs. Previous post here
 Also in my hallway my redone doll I received when I was 5. Did her up all steampunk circus.
 Remember that craft with the lights and candle stick holders-here is my version with butterflies.
post of craft here
 Hallway again with crazy quilt in a shadow box along with doll dresses I made.
 This is my Halloween counter in my sewing room-lots of weird creepy stuff.
This is the other shadow boxes with doll dresses in them.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Patchwork Duvet Cover/Blanket

I made this duvet cover out of scrap fabric along with the pillowcases and bed skirt. It's so fun using up scrap fabric. I made 9 by 9 square blocks. I have 10 blocks long by 10 block wide.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Repurposed Sewing Table

This was an beaten up sewing table that I was going to get rid of but instead redid it.

Before pictures here.
Yes, I also redid the jewelry box.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Captain America 2

I enjoyed the movie. I won't go into details because there are a lot of twists and turns but the movie puts some questions to rest but yet raises other new ones.There are some familiar characters like the Black Widow, Nick Fury and a new one, Falcon.
   Even with everyone telling Steve to get with the program/times he stands by his morals. It will  make you like Captain America even more.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Normal Sewing Rooms

   Everywhere on the web you see all these lovely sewing rooms. Pinterest is just loaded with hundreds of picture perfect sewing rooms. I look at them and try to get my sewing room in order and it actually is. What it isn't is this pristine, neat and full of cool storage furniture and supplies. Half of these pretty rooms don't look like anyone even uses it or looks like I couldn't even afford the thread the owner uses. Full to ceilings with supplies from fabric, yarn, stamping, beads,etc.all put away neatly in their cool containers in their Ikea shelfs.

   I have projects all over the place, laundry waiting to be put away and dust bunnies with cob webs in every corner. It is an orderly chaos and I use my sewing/laundry room all the time and can't worry that every single item is put away everyday. So here's to real normal sewing rooms.

From the Thrifty Needle 

From Diana Eng

From Jayne's Quilting Room

From Dramatic Threads

From Rhonda Bracey

From Thayer Rags Sewing Room

From Jo's Country Junction

From Hi How are you?

From Anything with a Needle

From This Busy Mommy

From Sew! Busy! Mama!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Shadow Boxes, Masquerade Masks and Doll Dresses.

This is my monster high doll redone with a gown. Some of the items have been knocked down thanks to my kids. The bottom as eye balls and skulls and other things that I will have to open her up and fix it.

This one is a combination of stuff I had lying around and old circus photos.

Here are some old dolls and doll stuff I had since I was a kid except for the dollar store mermaids.

The green and purple masks I made while the two red ones I bought and I've worn the big red masquerade mask for Halloween. These masks aren't too hard to make.

I made this sock hanger from an old frame. Sanded and painted white for an antique look then glued on shells and translucent beads. I also dyed the clothes pins blue/green and glued those on. This is great for finding sock mates-instead of having a pile on the dryer where you never see what socks you have.

These are my doll dresses that I made years ago that were sitting in my closet. Well, I revamped most of them and hung them to the back of my sewing room door.
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